Look 1, Malaika, from the Yoruba tribe of the Nigerian people means Angel. Inspired by angel wings, we wanted to create a dress that symbolises what an angel woman might wear in the 21st century and a nod to the angels around us, the ones we lost and the ones we gained

the inspiration.

The dress features 3D embroidered wing at the back to depict the wings of an angel, The 3D embroidery of the Dove symbolises angels, purity and divinity in different cultures and traditions. Our earliest awareness of angels were depicted by images of Doves in the sky in church fliers representing divinity and purity. We relived fond memories of us as children flailing our hands like wings and sing whenever packs of doves flew over our house so we can get a white dot on our fingers as we explored the creative direction for Look 1.

Explore this idea that angels exist within and around us. We find angels in friends, lovers, family and strangers.

We also use floral embroidery details at the hem and sleeves to depict the world and explore this idea that angels exist within and around us. We find angels in friends, lover, family and strangers

the craftsmanship.

Clean straight line embroidery using a variety of opaque and lustrous beads such as seed beads, cone crystal beads, small chip strass, baugette strass, and bugle beads to create a cascading illusion as a base for the 3D embroidery. The 3D embroideries of the wing and the dove over the base embroidery create an optical illusion and realism to these main features of the dress. The flower embroidered hem was added to create an earthy feel of an angel flying. Overall, the dress panel took 1120 hours of hand embroidery and every details of the dress is 100% handmade

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